Keynote Speaker, Productivity and Time Management Expert

Donna McGeorge is passionate about enhancing the large amount of time we spend in our workplace (too much, for many) to ensure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable.

I Love Your Energy!

Donna believes that workplaces are complex, but not hard. More often than not it’s getting the simple things right, consistently, that has the greatest impact.

She also knows that when we decide to be intentional, we can surprise ourselves with what we can achieve.

Donna delivers upbeat, entertaining sessions that share her thought provoking, practical and proven strategies that will create more capacity, have you use your time wisely and have more impact.

Donna has appeared on national TV talking about Time Management and has appeared on radio and in print as a leading commentator on Productivity, Meetings and Time Management.

Productivity and effectiveness does not have to be tedious or lacking in fun! Let’s make a game of it! Donna delivers practical and well researched strategies with passion, conviction and humour.

Speaking Topics

Practical Strategies for a Fulfilling Work Life.

Revolutionise your approach to work with practical, actionable insights that will empower you to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Here’s what’s going on in most workplaces: 

  • The pace of work is relentless 

  • People feel like they have tried everything 

  • Many are at breaking point (over 92% of people are experiencing some level of burnout)

What they need is more space! Space to think, breathe, live and work.

Donna will share principles from her best-selling books that have changed people’s lives, for the better: 

  • Learn the simple techniques that can unleash capability in your organisation at scale 

  • Understand why adaptive capacity is the key to productivity 

  • Recognise that the right shift in mindset can create conscious control and have an amazing effect on your approach to work. 

  • Be inspired by ways of working from people all over the world that are achieving balance and peace of mind.

Get a ridiculous amount done in your day without having to work long, tedious hours.

It’s not WHAT you do. It’s WHEN you do it.

Donna draws on research from neuroscience, energy flow and the body’s natural rhythms, to reveal how to carve up your day in line with the level of intensity and impact required.

Learn how to: 

  • Recognise the habits holding you back (and how to rewire them) 

  • Maximise your first 2 hours and set yourself up for daily success 

  • Build on your body’s strengths for better performance 

  • Track your patterns and create a personalised workflow 

  • Discover the optimum time of day for new business, meetings, emails, projects and more.

The way you plan your day is the key to your productivity and Donna shows you how to do great work, consistently.

Delve into the opportunities AI presents, alongside the essential human skills that continue to drive success in the business world.

As Darwin has been reported to say, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change”

AI as a tool is still in its infancy. Early adopters are already finding ways to make great productivity gains using a range of tools.

Based on her research for the book, The ChatGPT Revolution, Donna will cover: 

  • Viewing AI as a tool to amplify, not replace, human abilities, fostering new levels of productivity and creativity. 

  • Elevating the role of empathy and intuition in business, recognising their indispensable value in fostering authentic connections and driving success. 

  • Cultivating a culture of creativity and innovation, where humans lead the charge in generating ground breaking ideas and solutions. 

  • Developing resilience and agility as essential human traits, ensuring the ability to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. 

  • Prioritising ethical considerations in AI development and usage, anchoring technological progress in principles of fairness, responsibility, and accountability).

We have used Donna as both a live and virtual presenter. In any context she wows the audience and leaves them feeling motivated to make changes in their work and personal lives.
Kristy Golding, Director Transformation L’Oreal

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