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Vicious cycle of meetings – Part 3: Discouragement

In the last article we talked about distraction. Today it’s about …   Discouragement   I once heard a very senior leader in a global organisation say that exact thing. “You can have a long career here by going to one meeting... More

Vicious cycle of meetings – Part 2: Distraction

In the last article we talked about disengagement. Today it’s about …   Distraction   Apparently, an adult’s attention span has dropped from 20 minutes on one activity to just 14 minutes. How long can you focus on one thing... More

First5000, 11 October

How to run successful virtual meetings Doing anything by distance takes twice the time and is half as good. We have to navigate time zone differences, language barriers and technological inconsistencies—whilst... More, 12 October

6 tips to reduce the time you spend in meetings It’s easy to emerge from a long meeting wondering why you were there and whether anything was achieved. Everyone complains about attending meetings, but... More
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