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Melbourne: 15th August 2019

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Vicious cycle of meetings – Part 3: Discouragement

In the last article we talked about distraction. Today it’s about …   Discouragement   I once heard a very senior leader in a global organisation say that exact thing. “You can have a long career here by going to one meeting... More

Vicious cycle of meetings – Part 2: Distraction

In the last article we talked about disengagement. Today it’s about …   Distraction   Apparently, an adult’s attention span has dropped from 20 minutes on one activity to just 14 minutes. How long can you focus on one thing... More

How to boost your productivity in 2-hour blocks

Chief of Staff Magazine - Jun 2019 Breaking down the day’s tasks into manageable, bite-sized chunks is the key to boosting efficiency and productivity, writes Donna McGeorge.   How do you currently... More

How to make the most of your first two hours of your workday

Human Resources magazine NZ - June 2019 Do you rush through your day from one crisis to another, answering as many emails as you can in the gaps between pointless meetings? When you get home from work,... More
Thank you for bringing such an exciting course to us.  You’re so professional, energetic and patient.   Michael
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