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Donna is a global authority on productivity, a best-selling author and a renowned international speaker.

For the first time in over 5 years I’m offering my Captivate program live and in person.

Join me at the Crowne Plaza in Melbourne on 28th & 29th May for a fun, action packed workshop that will take your training to the next level!

An early bird price of $2200 is available until April 30th.


Donna McGeorge leads the charge in rethinking time and dispelling the myth of "wasted time," so that people working in organisations can have more impact and less burnout.


If you are like many people, you frequently feel overwhelmed by the endless cycle of work and busyness that has taken over your life and you’re looking for answers. We’ve all been there, and it's not a pleasant place to be.

It’s About Time

Cath Stone, Executive Director of Donor Engagement & Experience at Lifeblood approached Donna McGeorge last year requesting help to improve the donor experience, specifically around time in centres. “How do we evolve the Donor’s experience to be more streamlined and frictionless, and ultimately faster?”

It would have been easy to do some time in motion studies and see where we could shave seconds or minutes off specific areas of the donor visit, but Lifeblood was after something more inspiring and sustainable. What was important to Cath and Lifeblood was to help their people understand that at a fundamental level, the donor's time is valuable and to also understand their own personal capacity and value.

Watch what she and her team had to say about the program and if you are interested in finding out more, click here.

Donna McGeorge is the best-selling author of the It’s About Time productivity series.
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