Books by Donna McGeorge

Donna writes books about productivity because she is on a mission to give people back time for the most important things in their world. She get ideas for books when she speaks with people in organisations about the things that are preventing them from being their best selves or doing their best work.

The ChatGPT Revolution

We’re on the edge of an AI revolution… but what does that mean for you?

It’s time to get curious about how the latest tech tools can help you handle your everyday load, at work and at home! Whether you’re overwhelmed by repetitive, time-consuming tasks or you’re simply looking for a fresh injection of creativity, ChatGPT is the virtual assistant that’s got your back.

The 25 Minute Meeting

Sharpen your focus and tighten your time frames to get more done in less time.

The 25 Minute Meeting goes beyond “cut to the chase” and shows you how to take back your work day with smarter planning and more productive action.

Meetings have become a de facto way of working, and as they pile up and stretch to interminable lengths, they eat up our days and sink productivity—if they are poorly planned and run.

The First 2 Hours

Get more done with your day.

The First 2 Hours is essential reading for anyone seeking to enhance their efficiency and avoid common productivity traps. Author Donna McGeorge draws on research from neuroscience, energy flow and the body’s natural rhythms, to reveal how to divide the workday into 2-hour blocks in line with the level of intensity and impact required.

The 1-Day Refund

Take back time and spend it wisely

We’ve all done it.  Got to the end of the week and had no sense of where, and on what we have spent our most valuable resource, time. When it comes to time, any of us are overspending, over budget, and overwhelmed.

We are out of control and at risk of failing at the important things because we are buying into other people’s needs, priorities, problems and dramas.   And it’s about time we stopped!

It’s about time we took steps to create capacity across our whole lives.

Other Productivity Products

Donna is the author and creator of a range of productivity books and tools.