Donna McGeorge leads the charge in rethinking time and dispelling the myth of "wasted time," so that people working in organisations can have more impact and less burnout.

Her programs are designed for lasting behaviour change, and she is fully invested in her partnerships. Her not-so-secret weapon is strong engagement, which allows her to influence behaviour change through all levels of an organisation.

With both research and life experience, Donna understands the power of choice and being deliberate about how we spend our minutes, hours, and days.

Donna's expertise can benefit everyone in an organisation, from the graduate or trainee through to the c-suite. She believes that positive change starts with one person and has a ripple effect on everyone in their circle.

With Donna's help, leaders and teams book space, not meetings, and create a culture of intentionality that has a lasting impact.

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Here’s what leaders in organisations have had to say about working with me

"Over the twenty years that I have worked with Donna, she is one of the strongest Learning & Development professionals I have worked with. As a client, I appreciate her facilitation skills, flexibility, ability to understand the audience and adapt in the blink of an eye. I have total confidence in a great outcome each and every time."
Kirsty Appleton, General Manager - Davey New Zealand & Pacific Islands Davey Water Products NZ
"Thank you for your work with our school leadership teams. I am confident that many will apply their learning to effect positive change in their lives both personally and professionally. Importantly you provided a language that will linger for a time for members to use to engage with one another on the topic. My team were collectively inspired to look for changes to our leadership team habits and I look forward to seeing what will evolve."
Bruce Langes – Principal, Broadbeach State School
"We have used Donna as both a live and virtual presenter. In any context she wows the audience and leaves them feeling motivated to make changes in their work and personal lives."
Kristy Golding - Director, Transformation L’Oreal Australia & New Zealand
"I’ve been working with Donna for almost 20 years, across 3 organisations and multiple roles and teams. Donna always brings an energy to her work that challenges my team to think differently about what they are doing and how they are doing it. The intelligence and experience she brings to leadership, teamwork, strategic planning and productivity pushes me and others to make different choices about how we work and show up as leaders."
Cath Stone - Executive Director, Donor Services Australian Red Cross Lifeblood