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What is so bad about PowerPoint?

What is so bad about PowerPoint? 


I don't hate PowerPoint, I just think it’s misused.




PowerPoint was never meant to be a word processor, it was designed as a presentation tool. We had, and continue to have, Word for that.


Sadly, many use PowerPoint as a word processor and simply project documents onto a screen or overloaded with content and graphs, that are so small as to be un-readable.


Unfortunately, many organisations believe that a meeting or briefing cannot occur, an idea cannot be expressed or skill be taught without a "deck" of slides.


And why is that, do you think? Security blanket? Confirmation of knowledge transfer? Reduced attendance at meetings (“I’ll send you the deck”)? Covering your $%#@ (“it was in the deck”)?


So … I don't hate PowerPoint, I just think it's misused.


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