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The challenge of the 'AND'.

The challenge of the 'AND'.


In his book “Leadership without easy answers” Ron Heifetz talked about the challenge of the AND.


This challenge of the AND is about having an eye on the strategy AND the big picture. Whilst also keeping an eye on the detail AND the doing.


From a sporting perspective, one of the biggest challenges that a captain will face in a team is in the role of leadership AND thinking about the bigger picture of wanting to win the game. Yet at the same time they have to be thinking tactically AND operationally about who is the right person in the right position. Constantly asking themselves, “What is the next move? What is the play that that’s needed here?”


This is the same challenge that most middle managers have. They have to have their eye on strategy and they also have to have their head in the game as well.


Sometimes we are naturally better at big picture or detail but as Ron Heifetz says it is never one or the other. It is always the challenge of the AND.


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