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Repeating a class.

I think it’s a shame that from an early age, “repeating” at school was seen as a stigma, or that there was a problem with the student.


A hangover from this is that it is rare that people in organisations repeat classes or training sessions. I find this quite unfortunate, as often re-sitting a session can provide greater insights or opportunities to consider new experiences through the lens of the material.


I have frequently sat at the back of the room to repeat workshops or programs. I find it particularly beneficial to have a “meta” position to observe the material, and also the participants responses to the materials. The familiarity with the content can often give me greater capacity to consider the contextualisation and generalisation of the principles to my working situation.


What training have you done in the past that might be worth revisiting? Anything from more than 2 years ago should make that list. You don’t have to sit through the whole training, you could ask to sit at the back of the room for a period of time, or for a specific piece of content.


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Your energy, humour and powerful presentation and skilful facilitation impressed me a lot.  Thank you “leopard lady”. Jessie
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