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Management styles

Management styles


Have you ever met anyone that actually likes being micromanaged?


I'm going to have to assume that there are some people in the world that like that but when I've asked groups the question “who likes to be micromanaged?” no one ever puts their hand up.


Which really begs the question “How come this is something that still keeps happening?” Especially since the person doing the micromanaging probably doesn't enjoy being micromanaged.


I'm wondering if maybe micro-managers don't know that they're micromanaging.

As a manager have you ever asked your people if the style of management you're using with them is working or appropriate? Do they want more or less attention?

Often we default to the style of management that we like. If we like to be left alone with a more of a hands off style then we tend to leave people alone. If we like to have regular communication or reinforcement, a very detailed level relationship with our manager then that's how we tend to manage.


So rather than assuming that the way you like to be managed is the way others like to be managed, in your next one on one meeting, check in on how your management style may be serving (or not) your team members.


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