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Is it ALL about Trust?

I reckon it IS all about trust. When you come down to working in relationships, the level of trust you have with your manager and your co-workers has a direct relationships to the quality of your work.


Stephen Covey wrote about this in his work on The Speed of Trust:


“When trust increases: speed increases and cost decreases. When trust is high, customers buy more—more quickly, more confidently, and more often. They stay longer and they refer more of their friends. High trust enables relationships to grow, employee loyalty to soar, stocks to rise, and organisational dividends naturally increase.”


As a manager, how do you build trust? There are some universal principles that you could start applying right now:



  • Reliability: this isn’t just about the work, eg. delivering on what you said you would. It’s also about your nature. Do you show up consistently and reliably or are your team wondering which “Bob” will show up today?
  • Acceptance: Are you accepting of others and the way in which they work? Or is the only way to do the work YOUR way.
  • Openness: Do you openly share what is going on for you and are you open to feedback?
  • Congruence: is what you are saying aligned with what you are thinking, feeling and doing? Most of us have inbuilt BS detectors, so our ability to detect incongruence is really high.



There are two sides to this coin. How trustworthy are you and how trusting are you? As a manager you need to work on both.


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