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Good IQ does not equal good manager.

Good IQ does not equal good manager.


It's frequently being said that your IQ or intelligence is what gets you a start in your career and it’s your emotional intelligence that gets you promoted.


I don't know for sure whether this is true or not but I can tell you from my experience that when I ask managers or team members in training sessions to describe the qualities of a manager or leader they admire its usually things like their transparency, they listened, openness, honesty, trustworthiness. They seemed to care.


All of these things are what you would consider emotional intelligence qualities. In all the years I've been running sessions, no one has ever mentioned an I.Q. quality. No one's ever said they were super smart or they were driven in the job or they were the smartest person in the room or they were the most intelligent or whatever. It never has. The legacy most great leaders leave is always tied to their emotional intelligence.


If I was to ask your team, how would you rate your level of emotional intelligence?


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