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Could your level of stress have nothing to do with work or workload?

How well have you got your personal house in order? I was reflecting recently about the times when I've been the most stressed in my work life and I have found a pattern in the level of control I felt in elements of my personal life. Particularly around finances. It has a big effect on my coping mechanism and consumes a lot of energy and mental capacity when I’m worried about money.


I'm not a financial planner and you should always seek professional advice. And if you are struggling with your personal finances I'd recommend you have a look at the latest best-selling book The Barefoot investor. It has easy to follow strategies to help people of any income or financial situation get their lives in order.


I was recently talking about this very thing in a management development workshop, and at least half the people in the class flashed their ING cards at me! (This will make sense when you read the book).


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