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Building Relationships.

Who are you building relationships with that you don't really need to?


One of the things that I learned really early in life is that you just never know when you might need help from someone. Rather than have a Machiavellian approach to relationship building and being overly strategic about who I build my relationships with, I find it's useful to build relationships across all areas of an organisation both vertically and horizontally.


Who are the people in other parts of the organisation that you don't yet know and that you could be developing a relationship with? Is there someone that you have had a mostly email or distance relationship with that you could get to know better?  Take some time right now to identify some stakeholders that you often need to work with or functions that your success could depend on.


You can do this formally (call or invite to a meeting or coffee) or informally (say hello or introduce yourself to people in the kitchen or corridors).


Set yourself a target to have 10 more new people that you can nod and wave to every week.


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