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Donna is an expert in making work work and helping managers and leaders unlock their own, and their team’s potential. She is an experienced speaker, facilitator, trainer, coach and author of 5 books. Donna has an extraordinary ability to enliven presentations, and to really connect with her audience. She adapts to and clearly reads the energy of the room, enabling for far higher levels of engagement.

In her work with managers and leaders in many global organisations, Donna has helped people decide how they want to show up, develop strategies to play nicely with others and ensure that they get the job done. With her high-energy delivery, good humour and strong people skills, Donna quickly builds trust with audience members encouraging individual problem-solving, initiative, empowerment and self-responsibility, she gives people permission to be their best selves.


Donna offers incredibly practical tools and advice that can be applied instantly, while also being aware of the psychological shifts necessary to implement lasting positive change.


She has been delivering keynote speeches across Australia and internationally for over 15 years, appearing at events in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India.


Donna has written five books (with a sixth one on the way) on workplace effectiveness and currently speaks on the following topics:


  • Making Work Work: How to get your people to show up, play nicely and get the job done.
  • The 25 Minute Meeting: Poorly planned meetings are a cause of pain for attendees and a source of lost productivity for workplaces across Australia. What if our meetings could be overhauled and effectively completed in a short, snappy 25-minute timeframe?
  • The First 2 Hours: How to get the best out of your most valuable time.
  • Permission Granted: Exploring the rules, rituals and routines that can hold us back from doing, having and being what we need to be, by asking the question “Says who?!”


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If you value directness, authenticity and overflowing enthusiasm, Donna is the speaker for your next event. 


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