The First 2 Hours Book

Get more done with your day.

The First 2 Hours is essential reading for anyone seeking to enhance their efficiency and avoid common productivity traps. Author Donna McGeorge draws on...


permission granted

What rules, rituals and routines do you have in your life or at work that are holding you back?

So often it seems like we are waiting for permission from someone or something to do...


The 25 Minute Meeting Book

Sharpen your focus and tighten your time frames to get more done in less time.

The 25 Minute Meeting goes beyond “cut to the chase” and shows you how to take back your work day with...


Box set of Trainer Books

Pimp My Training Box Set Buy all three trainer books in our “Pimp my Training” boxed set and receive $5 off the cost of all three!
    Engaging Training The pen is mightier than the


Making Work Work

Do you dread going into work some days?

Are you struggling to get your team to work well together?

Have you ever considered that you might be the problem?

No leader, middle or...


engaging training coverDo you work at the front of the room? If you want to expand your training skills, conquer your dread of public speaking, and have the confidence to talk off the script, you need to Get


The pen is mightier than the slide$19.95

Flip charting is the co-creative and visual presentation method that genuinely engages audiences with your ideas. With corporate trainer Donna McGeorge you’ll discover how to create...

Visual Vocab$34.95

200 Words, 800 Images.

This visual dictionary will help grow your visual vocabulary for use in presentations and training Not an artist? That’s ok. Donna’s simple drawings are for anyone...

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