Insight for Leaders

This program focuses on building a community of practice, not just a one off leadership development session. 

This program is about:

  • Keeping your best and brightest engaged
  • Facilitating internal growth
  • Leveraging already existing high quality leadership skills
  • Aligning across organisational and geographical boundaries

Our design principles for this program are:

  • Sustainable – no bulky, wasteful participant manuals.  We have an online workbook.
  • Scalable – anyone can join at any time.  No one has to wait until the “next round”.
  • Flexible – we can adjust the program every 90 days depending on organisational demands.  Applying design thinking, we are “open whilst under construction”. 

High level inclusions:

  • Annual 3 Day immersive event with world class thought leaders
  • Monthly podcast style updates
  • Quarterly sessions with new content and discussion
  • Regular group and peer coaching sessions
  • Accountability tool

Connect with Donna

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