Ignite for Teams

All teams have the potential to be high performing. We just need to ignite their potential and get them to show up, play nicely, and get the job done.

Too often teams are focused on the “WHAT” of their work, and don’t take the time do consider “HOW” they work together. Maybe you have a new leader in a team or you simply want to help a team be set up for success.

Either way, this program works with a team for 12 months to help them move through the natural transitions a team goes through when it wants to attain high levels of performance.

This program can be about:

  • Integrating a new leader into the team
  • Working on the “how” of the team
  • Establishing team norms
  • Accelerating the team to high performance

Design Principles:

  • Awareness – shedding light on what what’s going on the team: who we are as individuals, and what kind of team we currently are.
  • Application – making everything actionable:  do we all know what we all need to do.
  • Accountability – creating a business as usual feel to how we speak with each other on the work and the feedback we provide.

High level inclusions:

  • 1 day team offsite. Mix of diagnostic, theory and application
  • 3 Quarterly half day sessions for embedding and accountability
  • 6 Coaching sessions for the leader
  • Accountability Tool.

Connect with Donna

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