Ultra 106.5 FM, 19 Sep 2018 

Are you one of countless Aussie workers forced to attend endless meetings that suck up your time? Or faced with an agenda which could have just been resolved via...

Dynamic Business - 13 Sep 2018

I once heard a very senior leader in a global organisation remark, ‘You can have a long career here by going from one meeting to another and never actually doing any...

First 5000.com.au - 05 Sep 2018

Business professionals everywhere in every company need meetings. We need them at work because when they work, they are valuable. Clear actions get set, decisions are...

Bandt.com.au - 04 Sep 2018

Think of the last meeting you ran or attended. Would you say it was purposeful, mindful or even useful? Did you leave feeling energised? Could you say it was a good use of...

Alan Hickey FIVEaa interview - 28 Aug 2018

Alan spoke with Donna about the five deadly meeting sins, namely around courtesy and respect, and how best to avoid them.

Listen to the recording here.

Smart Company - 17 Aug 2018

Many of us are time-poor, stressed out, overwhelmed and on the verge of ‘death by meetings’. Our calendars are full of irrelevant or tedious back-to-back ‘catch-ups’ and...

The Australian - Aug 2018

Thrilled to see The 25 Minute Meeting book reviewed.

Read the original article here:

Best Practice Interview - 25 Aug 2018

Meetings should be short, sharp, productive affairs that are a treasure-trove for collaboration and getting work done.

But instead they turn into long, dreary...

The Weekend Australian - 28 Jul 2018

 Very excited to have my article on how shorter meetings are more efficient published in The Australian.

Read the original article here: 

The Australian - 28 Jul 2018

A Harvard survey last year of 182 senior managers in a range of industries found that only 33 per cent of meetings are actually useful or purposeful.

In addition, 71...

HRM Online - 19 Jul 2018

Some people would rather watch paint dry than attend a meeting. What’s the answer?

Think of the last meeting you ran or attended. Would you say it was purposeful, mindful...