WA Leader - Apr 2019

A workplace productivity expert says the best meeting is a succinct meeting, in which the time spent attending it is wielded with laser-like focus.

Meetings, be they...

Mortgage Professional Magazine - Mar 2019

With more people working remotely and on flex hours, virtual meetings have become the most convenient way to gather a team.  Donna McGeorge explains...

Smart Company 29 Mar 2019

How do you currently spend the first two hours of your day? Go on and think about this for a minute. If you are like most, then you likely come to work, grab a coffee, chat...

Business Woman Media - 26 Mar 2019

Traditional approaches to time management involve prioritising, planning, creating to-do lists and ticking off goals. Yet, despite all of this, if someone were to...

Facility Management - 25 Mar 2019

Whether you are conscious of it or not, those emails you have read, replied to or filed create distractions and make you unproductive for the whole day. You have...

LBD Group Newletter - 13 Feb 2019

Doing anything by distance takes twice the time and is half as good.  We have to navigate time zone differences, language barriers and technological...

In The Black - issue Nov 2018

Enjoyed seeing The 25 Minute Meeting book review in In The Black magazine.

Read the original article here:

Podcast - 09 Nov 2018

Jane and Donna talk about her journey in building her personal brand, what makes her unique in a big category she’s playing in, and how important it is to be clear on your...

Brand Newsroom - 07 Nov 2018

A report by Harvard Business Review found that 70 per cent of meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Sound familiar? It certainly does to us.


Professional Conference Organisers Assoc - 01 Nov 2018

Listen to the Webinar here.

Janine Garner Podcast - 25 Oct 2018

I was thrilled to be featured in Janine Garner's Unleashing Brilliance Podcast.

Listen to the recording here.

B&T.com - 23 Oct 2018

We all complain about having to attend too many meetings. We wonder why we are at the meeting, in a cast of thousands, wading through dozens of boring reports that may or...

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