Tune in for 8 minutes as Deborah Ho and I discuss everything from planning our day the night before, to prioritising goals and utilising your body clock plus top ten tips to make your workday more productive. Hang around for the 11th tip - it's absolute gold!

Don't Just Do It! What are the most important things in your life? Do you have enough time to do those important things? For many people they don’t, because they spend too much time on other things that don’t matter.

3 myths of productivity. Working harder and doing more is not going to make you more productive. You’ll only be more burnt out if you try to simply increase your workload. No, you need to work smarter and prioritise those activities that produce the results.

Inspired by the recent lockdowns, Donna realised that many people, particularly those in corporate careers, were spending their usual commute time answering emails and catching up on work, instead of spending the time with family or working towards personal goals.

Loved chatting with Cec Busby on this episode where we discussed how we can boost productivity.  Tune in to hear why I think longer meetings don’t necessarily lead to higher levels of productivity.

Making Every Second Count. How did you start your day today? If it involves checking your email, you're already running behind.

Work hard without feeling overwhelmed (and having a meltdown) with productivity expert Donna McGeorge Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? This one's for you.

Refunding Precious Time

Donna talks about being the master of your time and taking time out to do nothing, which allows space to boost creativity.

How to Reclaim One Hour Every Day. Donna McGeorge shares strategies that will enable you to use your newly discovered time wisely.

Reclaiming Your Day to Achieve More while Working Less with Donna McGeorge. Donna McGeorge shares how you can take back your time and maximize your productivity—all while doing less.

How to maximise productivity and stop being busy. Being busy and productive are two different things. Donna joins Sam to share simple tips to be more productive and give you back more time.

In this episode Nicole and I uncover the tips to working at an 85% productivity rate leaving time for choice! Ever get to the end of a long day and struggle to make decisions? It's a real thing!! and we cover how to prevent that decision fatigue.

Picture this: a meeting is unexpectedly cancelled and you feel a jolt of gratitude for the time you’ve just been refunded. What if you took control of creating that feeling by designing your day to incorporate a brain buffer for thinking? That’s what productivity and time management expert Donna McGeorge advocates for as a way to engage deeply in what’s important and stop trying to do all of the things, all of the time.

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The term 'productivity' is well worn. Getting more done with less time and more efficiently sounds like a worthy goal. But is it just evil corporate-speak for squeezing more out of us all? Margie and I talked about the key principles of effectively using our time to make work enjoyable, how our productivity has changed in the last two years and the best way to manage our physical and emotional capacity.

Managing Your Time Like A Champ With Donna McGeorge. Donna talks about creating a positive capacity with your time. 

I was thrilled that Amber chose me to kick off my 2022 podcast year. We talked about why I’m passionate about enhancing the large amount of time we spend in our workplace or home offices (too much, for many) and how my new book The 1 Day Refund helps to ensure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable.

I love that Steph refers to me as “clever”.  In this one Steph shares her top 3 takeaways from my latest book The 1 Day Refund.

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