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Let’s halve the time of meetings!

I was speaking to a friend of mine recently about attending meetings and I was speculating that I thought most workplace meetings could be done in half the time. She laughed out loud and said:


“Most meetings where I work are already half the time! They are meant to start on the hour, but people are never on time, and up to 15 minutes late, then we stuff around without an agenda, and we are lucky if we spend 25 minutes in productive discussion before we all have to rush off to our next non-productive meeting!”


According to TED managers spend between 40%-50% of their time in meetings and meetings attended by several managers and executives can cost upwards of $1000 per hour in salary costs alone.


That’s a chunk of change!


Even if we go with 40% of your time, that’s, on average 2 days of your week spent entirely in meetings.


What would you do with an extra day in your week if you could get it?


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