Enough is enough!  If lockdown has taught us anything it's that if our meetings were bad face to face they are twice as bad virtually.

Chances are, despite spending more than half your life in meetings, you probably didn’t learn HOW to run effective meetings.

When you think about it, isn’t that cRaZy?! 

You have probably done a heap of training in presentation skills, influencing, selling skills, time management ...

And you didn’t take the time to LEARN how to approach MEETING SKILLS for maximum bang for buck from your time and efforts.

Maybe you learned that having an agenda is the way to ensure we have effective meetings but I’m going to assume that you haven’t sought out any other techniques to make meetings more effective. Am I right?

I've gone deep into this stuff (written whole books about it) and I’ve been tinkering over the last little while, developing and experimenting with a few key aspects of planning, participating in and collaborating in meetings well and as a result I've created this online workshop for managers and leaders where I show you how to run and participate in effective meetings. 

The cool bit about this method is it allows you to improve your meetings immediately in ways you can only imagine. What if I told you you can halve the amount of time you spend in meetings, but double the impact of them?.

This session is for you if:

  • you feel a little overwhelmed by MEETINGS every day
  • you want immediate results for your time invested in learning about this
  • you can recognise gaps in how you run and participate in meetings
  • you are done with spending time in painful meetings
  • you have a desire to be ridiculously good at meetings

You will learn how to:

  • Optimise your time spent in meetings
  • Overcome common barriers to running effective meetings
  • SET UP yourself and others up for successful meetings
  • SHOW UP ready, willing and able to participate
  • Get people to SPEAK UP, collaborate and engage
  • Use the 25-Minute Meeting methodology (which is not just for 25 minutes)

Location: Step into my Zoom room from anywhere around the world. 

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