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Engaging Training

Melbourne 5-6 May, 2020

“Best Training Ever!”

Melbourne 5-6 May, 2020

Turn your keynote, book, white-paper, idea into a workshop. But not just any workshop, an engaging workshop that people will rave about.

Donna McGeorge has been helping trainers become engaging and captivating for over 20 years. With a lifetime of experience at the front of the room, she has ALL the tips, tricks and techniques to help you bring your material to life! (See below for what others have said about this program)

You will walk away from this program with a session plan for your workshop. This will include potential stories, activities and work book ideas that will bring your content to life.

Day 1 - How to be an engaging trainer

  • Mindset of an engaging trainer
  • Getting people onside fast
  • Maintaining rapport throughout the day
  • Creating a captivating learning environment

Day 2 - How to design engaging training.

  • Get them motivated to learn
  • Give them just enough information (without overloading with dry content)
  • Create an experience of your material
  • Ensure the learning has been embedded and will be applied

You will get:

  • Comprehensive workbook including templates and design ideas
  • Bag of Swag containing books and other cool stuff so you can hit the ground running
  • Access to video content
  • 1:1 hour of power with Donna to refine your program.

Location: Melbourne
Dates: 5th - 6th May 2020
Cost: $2700 plus GST.

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What others have said about this program:

I had the great pleasure of attending Donna's Engaging Training three day workshop this year. I walked away with so much inspiration and a brand new tool kit of activities, hacks and clever techniques to deliver the most engaging training to my clients. I would not hesitate to work with Donna again - she's a thought leader in her field and highly engaging in her delivery.
Alessandra Edwards


I had the absolute privilege of watching and learning from Donna. In one hour she gave me more inspiration on how to train people effectively than I have ever had in my 20 years of training. She raised the bar for me and subsequently my client offerings. She is a master of communication and of human learning. She is 'engagement' personified!
Dr Amy Silver 


Donna McGeorge is a shining light of brilliance when it comes to learning, development, training and facilitation. She thoroughly engages groups through her masterful content design, clever activities and warm authenticity. She brings an exceptional depth of expertise and mastery to her workshops and seminars. It was a joy to learn from her.
Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

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