We want Engaging Training!

This 3-day workshop is designed to provide trainers of any level of experience tools, techniques and processes to engage your audience and connect them to you, your material and the application of the learning.  A no holds barred approach to developing excellence in workplace training beyond anything any Cert IV could ever deliver.


FAQ:  What if training isn't my "day job".  I'm an expert that is sometimes required to deliver training, will this be of use to me?  Yes.  It may not be your day job, but there's no reason not be excellent at it, right?!


FAQ:  I'm an experienced training consultant for hire, will there be stuff for me?  Of course!  I have had trainers and consultants with over 20 years experience come along and discover new and amazing ways to engage their groups.


Here's what you get in 3 value packed days:


  • a guaranteed way of engaging audiences from the word go (the magic formula)
  • a training design methodology that encompasses just about EVERY learning style you can think of
  • a way of designing games, simulations and activities to give your training impact and meaning
  • a tried and tested methodology for "thinking on the fly"
  • a training delivery model that can reduce your existing preparation time by at least 50%

AND a trainers toolkit crammed packed with stuff that will make your next training "pop"


  • A set of amazing flip chart markers to make your charts POP!
  • Copies of Donna's books
  • Learning Journal
  • Connector Pens
  • And a whole bunch more....


Upcoming dates

Sydney: 13-15 June

Perth: 2-4 October 

Melbourne: 5-7 December


Program price is $3,300.00 including GST.


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